Monthly Featured Artists

Each month, we feature some of our artists up at the front of the gallery. Usually 3 to 4 artists are featured for the month as well as Artwalk. These artists bring in new work at this time.

Jerry King

   My wife complains that I take hundreds of photos on family vacations...but where are the kids?! She looks through a camera and sees people, yet when I look through the same lens, my eye is drawn to light, reflection and the ethereal. I'm fascinated by how differently everyone sees the world.

  My multi-media work displays what I see when I close my eyes, as well as what I see when my eyes are wide open. Pieces may spring spontaneously to mind, or may be inspired by nature, stories or a conversation. Drawing from my experience in design, photography, paper sculpture and encaustic painting, the textures and colors emerge from combinations of print, wax, paint, my own photos and found objects.

   My hope is that in showing you what I see, you will take a moment to see things differently. And in stopping to look, you will be blessed by the extravagant beauty all around and within us.
I'm a local artist living in Kingston, Washington, where my creative juices are fueled by lush green, wind and water.

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Rick Prime

   A northwest native and lifetime artist specializing in detailed pen and ink, ink and water color wash, colored pencil, and graphite images. Subject matter ranges from vintage motorcycles, bicycles, and automobiles to early architecture, wildlife, unique event flyer/poster art, and surrealistic visualizations.