Karen Lyman

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   As a young child, my love for the freedom of finger painting made me realize that I had a passion for artwork. The self expression was explanatory, and it has been self-evident throughout my life in several mediums.
   For as long as memory serves me, sketching and drawing were a passion. At the age of nine, I began sewing for 4-H projects. As a seamstress, I've made clothing for myself and others.
   Currently, I make stuffed animals with faux fur, and am one of the original founding members. Additionally, I spent 25 years as a cake decorator in my own business, Chocolate Extraordinaire, where I was known as the "candy lady". This edible art is also carried in the gallery.
   I have other interests in photography, acrylics, oils, water color, pencils, and collage. I have sketched wildlife art in ink on my husband's antler art work as well.
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