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Gracie LaBombard

Handcrafted reproduction & original porcelain dolls
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360 698-1459

Arisa Houston

   In addition to my career as a hypnotherapist and harpist, I am a
self-taught artist who has been creating "spirit dolls" over the last
several years.

   I suppose the sub-conscious seed to create dolls may been planted in me
at birth since I was born in Japan on March third, Japanese Girls' Day
or the  Doll Festival -  Hina Matsuri.  This day is celebrated by
families with daughters throughout Japan by displaying special dolls
inside their houses, in which they  place offerings of rice crackers and
food for the dolls.

   Possessing a love for natural fibers, I incorporate everything from the
driftwood, seaweed and shells that I collect from local beaches to wool,
mohair and feathers into my doll creations.

   It all seems like a natural progression for me - the art of creating
Spirit Dolls.
   My mother was a very gifted storyteller and my father was a writer who wrote professionally for newspapers and magazines.  I recall racing home after school and getting out the footstool for my mother so that I could
massage her feet as she told me ghost stories and many strange, magical
tales from her homeland, Indonesia. As a child, I must have read every
fairy tale that I could get my hands on. Because my dolls become my
muse, I am inspired to write a short tale that I print onto a parchment
like scroll to accompany the dolls when purchased. These stories are
also included on my website.

   The process of making the dolls is just so much fun and rewarding on a
spiritual and creative level.  At first I was just creating the dolls as
a hobby. Each doll that I displayed on the cedar posts in our log home
became like my own personal totems. Her name and story come to me on an intuitive level.

   This process keeps me excited and continues to feed my passion for all
things magical in this life.


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