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    This concept was not planned, it just happened. I've worked with stained glass for many years and decided to step of the box and work in three dimensions incorporating an unlikely medium ­ parts from old manual typewriters. As I'm cleaning the parts, they're quite grimy, I often get my ideas for the next "creature". I can see how it will look well before I've started building it. I use two different techniques for the glass work. One is traditional stained glass where the pieces are cut and assembled. The other is fusing (melting) the glass and it's the process in which I've found offers unlimited possibilites. Assembling the typewriter body is a lot of fun because it often changes as it's being built.   
   Certain parts can give it a personality that I may not have seen at first. There are many models of typewriters and the parts are different looking in each. That's why every creature is not the same. They are definitely one of kind. Finding the typewriters is a journey in itself. They're a technology from the past replaced by computers and just not a household item that everyone has anymore. Have an old typewriter you'd like to get rid of?
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