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Trudi Peek

      Trudi Carleton Peek says, “There are two absolutes in my life: I’ve always been an artist and I’ve always been a writer.” She adds, “And I’ve never had instruction in either—which could be bad or good; take your pick!
   “Before I retired, I made a successful career out of freelance graphics and illustration. Hundreds of books, journals, maps, slideshows, displays, and articles carry my artwork. After many years of working for various government agencies, private corporations, and on three university campuses, I was hired by the University of Washington, in Seattle, to provide medical illustration services to UW’s Harborview Medical Center, in downtown Seattle.
   “I now live in Poulsbo, WA, where I am known as a mosaic artist, a painter of cats and owls on rocks, and a writer of fiction about Montana. I have published my first novel, Touching Earth, Touching Sky available for sale here in Verksted’s Gallery, and on Amazon.com, both as a book and on Kindle. If you go to my personal web page, you can read the first chapter of my book before deciding to buy it. The stones I paint on come from Pacific Northwest beaches. After making a careful drawing I start building up the many layers of the eyes, noses, or beaks. I paint only with transparent watercolors so that I don’t obliterate the beauty of the stones. I finish the painting with an acrylic spray for a durable surface. I use deer or elk leather on the rocks’ bottoms to protect tables and walls.
    For my mosaics, I use vitreous glass and smalti tiles. All pieces are grouted.

    Favorite Quote: I like to tell people viewing my current work,
“When I retired I decided I never wanted to draw a liver again, or a mountain range, or the dorsal fin of an arctic char!”  Trudi Peek