Decorative Painting & Soft Sculpture

I don't remember when I decided to be an artist... famous or just outstanding... maybe ever since my mother told me I couldn't because I was left-handed. I bless her now for that because I'm sure I have been proving myself ever since. At the age of 12 or 13, my dad gave me a set of oils, and a microscope. (I thought I might be a Dr. at one time.) However, I embarked on the oils only to take on different projects like doing murals for people, painting a business sign on a man's truck, and doing several murals for a building contractor. From the age of 15, I had numerous jobs as candy salesperson, waitress, nanny, (didn't like), and later became a dental nurse during the 2nd world war. 

Back to art. I met Dwane on a blind-date, he with 3 children, and I with 3 children. My children told his they would call their dad “dad”, if you call my mom “mom”. That was the beginning of a completely new life. We were married within the month and now we are in our 51st year. Time brought all kinds of changes... I took art lessons from everyone I could. There were oil classes with Bev Mitchell who had taught in Europe... classes with Sue Schewee who now has advanced to T.V. classes, a teacher named Buckingham, and several other portrait and Tole teachers. In the meantime, I was a nurse in oral surgery, and later into regular dentistry. (40 years)

Now, being a member of the gallery, my mainstay in primarily Rosemaling, cards,and some tole' painting, along with special orders. Life is great, and only what you let it be. I always say like what you do, and you will do a good job.

PLate Horse
Candle Holder sailboatCard
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Bowl Ornament
johnson snowman Welcome sign