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Sanae Goveas

    Sanae started her pressed flower art about 9 years ago, although she used to paint too. Her love of gardening, strolling among the flowers and her flower arrangements made her think of preserving and enhancing her love of nature by preserving flowers and foliage in pressed flower art. Her artistic talents took over by her arrangements in this new medium and her enjoyment of nature was fulfilled by her capturing flowers and foliage in their natural explosions of color, variety, depth  and intricateness during their endless metamorphosis in all seasons.
   Her art creations come from inspiration born of fond memories of her mother’s fresh flower arrangements in their house as she was growing up in Japan. As flower arrangements are an ancient art from Japan, Sanae takes much pleasure in contributing her talents to a modern and different experience built on the legacies of her culture and family. Enjoy her creations as much she does.