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Verksted Cooperative Art Gallery
A Fine Arts & Crafts Cooperative, 18937 Front Street, Poulsbo, WA 98370
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 922, Poulsbo, WA 98370, (360) 697-4470

New Member Application Information

   Thank you for your recent interest in joining the Verksted Gallery. This document will provide a brief overview of the Gallery that has been successfully operating for 30 years, is a not-for-profit, cost-sharing entity that provides local artisans the opportunity to display and sell their work in a high-quality low-overhead environment.

   The By-Laws of the Gallery outline various administrative tasks and positions associated with annually elected members of the Board. Members are also appointed and will volunteer for additional tasks as set forth by the Board. The Gallery display area optimally provides for a maximum of 35 members to ensure proper quality and display of artwork. The customer base consistently appreciates the high quality workmanship and variety of art that is exhibited.

   The Gallery operating hours are 10am-5:30 pm daily, except for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and emergency conditions that require Gallery closings, such as snow or extended power outages. Each month, a special 3rd shift is added. The Gallery hours are extended on the 2nd Saturday to 8pm for the Poulsbo Art Walk. Similarly, during the summer and holiday season in November and December, Gallery hours are extended on Saturdays. Each member signs up two months in advance to work a total of sixteen hours (may vary) per month. This task is critical as two members are ‘on-duty’, managing the gallery during operating hours at all times. Each member pays a monthly rent (currently $60), credit card charges on sales (currently 2.75%), and a 15% commission/overhead charge on all sales, with the first $75 exempt from this fee. On joining the Gallery, a member pays a Key Deposit of $5, and one month extra rent of $60. The latter rent is refunded after a six-month trial period.

   In addition to working shifts, and other elected or volunteer assignments, as should be expected in a cooperative venture all members are expected to attend the once-a-month member meeting to further take part in Gallery activities and decisions. Gallery members foster a strong sense of partnership in a business, and our success depends on our members working well together. Bringing a new member to a satisfactory level of business competency involves mentoring and training from all members. It is important that a prospective member has a clear understanding of the level of commitment that a membership requires. We want artists who will succeed and make a long-term commitment and not merely apply for membership to obtain an opportunity to sell during a particular season.

   When a vacancy occurs in the Gallery, all applications for membership are seriously considered. Once an artist submits a complete application, he/she is invited to an initial screening. For this screening, the applicant is required to submit: five representative samples of work, clearly marked with retail prices, a resume, and other supportive material. This screening allows the Membership Committee to evaluate the artwork for quality, originality, marketability and overall appropriateness to the Gallery. Following the screening, the applicant’s art materials are left with the Membership Chairperson. The final screening (without the applicant) takes place at the next monthly member meeting. The artwork is presented, along with the Committee’s recommendation. A secret ballot of the attending membership is taken, the results of the vote are communicated to the artist the following day, and the artist is asked to pick up their work as soon as possible. If the artist is accepted for membership, he/she will receive further instruction. New artists become active the month following their acceptance into the Gallery.

Verksted Gallery
A Fine Arts & Crafts Cooperative
18937 Front Street, Poulsbo, WA 98370
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 922
Membership Director: Grace Harris, (206)719-8538