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Art Walk


2nd Saturday of every month

  All of the participating local galleries are open till 8:00 p.m. and invite you to enjoy refreshments and  live music  (must be 21 or older) while viewing new works by many of the area's local artists. 

Confetti Storm
Girls Night Out!

Historic Poulsbo hosts late night shopping and entertainment for the fairer sex. Wednesday nights on dates to be announced. Enjoy an evening out with friends in the charming shops and excellent eateries.

Guest Artist

Adrienne Wolfe

Linocut artist Adrienne Wolfe is exhibiting at the Verksted Gallery for a special guest artist display during the month of November. Her medium is linocut prints on fabric, such as kitchen towels, and framed prints. Each piece is an original.

Ms. Wolfe calls herself an artist, maker, and crafter. “I identify with all of these titles! One of the reasons that I am so drawn to linocut printing is that it incorporates every one of these characteristics. After being inspired to create an original image, then comes the skilled craftsmanship of carving my creation into linoleum and giving it life. Lastly, the print-making process allows me to mix colors, choose materials, and then carefully make each original block print.”

This combination of skills is a fun way to share her designs that are taken from flora and fauna and things in her immediate environment. Even hiking brings ideas back to the table, though she loves to add a little whimsy into most of her designs.

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